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If you are having trouble displaying the TXTWire signup form, find the steps below for your specific browser to allow the content to be displayed.


If using Chrome: 


  •  On the right hand side of the address bar, look for the shield icon with a red X. Click on the shield and choose the option to "Load unsafe scripts".





If using Firefox:


  • On the left hand side of the address bar, look for the green lock icon. Click on the "i" button next to it to display information about the page. 

  • Once the information box is displayed, click the arrow on the right side of the box to display more information. (If Firefox is blocking content, it should be displayed here as shown below.)

  • Now locate the button to "Disable protection for now" and the page should automatically refresh and display the form box.




If using Internet Explorer:


  • When the page loads, you should receive a box at the bottom of the screen with the option to "Show all content". Clicking this button should refresh the page and display the form. If you did not receive the box or dismissed it, you can refresh the page using the Refresh button or by clicking F5 on your keyboard.


If you are still experiencing issues, you can access the form directly or send an email to Brian Bassett