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District Office

Vision:  Educate Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Mission:  Graduate each Student Prepared for College, Advanced Training, Career, and Citizenship

Core Values:  Respect, Dignity, Honesty, Responsibility, Advocacy, Teamwork


Strategic Objectives:

-Quality Teaching and Learning

We will deliver an aligned K-12 curriculum which prepares students for success in the work environment, college studies, and citizenship. We will promote excellence in critical thinking and rigorous academic learning.

-Educational Opportunity

We will provide students access to District programs and the opportunity to achieve success in those programs.

-Staff Resources

We will provide professional development opportunities for all staff and provide the resources to ensure instructional excellence.

-School Environment and Safety

We will provide safe, respectful and supportive school environments for students, teachers, staff, volunteers and patrons.


We will continue the planning process relative to future facility needs.

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