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TxtWire Alerts

                                           Cell Phone

You may subscribe to school alerts from your cell phone or directly by following the steps below. You can subscribe to multiple schools/groups. Once you subscribe to any group you are automatically subscribed to District wide alerts. If a district wide alert is sent and you are subscribed to more than one group, you will only receive one message


To manage your subscriptions from your phone, you must be using one of the following cell phone providers.
Alltel, AT&T, Nextel, Qwest, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Virgin Mobile.

If you are using Edge Wireless, please manage your subscriptions from the website.



    1.Enter your cell phone number, including area code, in the field labeled "Mobile Number".

    2.Check the box for the area information you wish to subscribe to (multiple selections are allowed).

    3. Click the "Subscribe" button to save your changes.

To subscribe from your cell phone:

    1.Create a new txt/sms message to 91011.

    2.Type in the message body xxxxx (xxxxx is the five digit code associated with the group below).

    3. Send the message.


Thirkill Elementary - 22998

Tigert Middle School - 23004

Soda Springs High School - 23002


*Note: When signing up via text/sms, please use only one school code per message. To sign up for alerts for multiple schools, you will need to send a message for each school with their corresponding sign up code.  

If you cannot see the form box above, you may need to allow blocked content as some browsers may display it as insecure.   

For help getting the form to display, please contact

or you may access the form directly.